The Smart Switch is a one-touch control interface designed specifically to work with our 6LoWireless lighting control system.

Each individually programmable Switch can control entire lighting zones or individual fixtures, giving users instant control of their lighting systems. Users can easily turn lights on and off, press-and-hold for responsive dimming or create custom commands for preset lighting scenes, enabling personal control.

The Smart Switch is available in three configurations:

  • SL-SWITCH-W-GM: Low-voltage option that can be mounted in a gang box
  • SL-SWITCH-B-GM: Battery-powered option that can be mounted in a gang box
  • SL-SWITCH-B-SM: Battery-powered option that can be surface-mounted

The Smart networked controls system is powered by Amatis Controls.


 Installing Switches

Switch Control in the Amatis App



  • Two-button switch for ON/OFF control
  • Push and hold functionality for dimming
  • Configurable for personal control
  • SL-SWITCH-W-GM: Available with 24V power input
  • Fits standard Decora® wall plate or mounts to any surface with included adhesive
  • On-board indicator LED
  • Remotely configurable / upgradeable
  • Amatis app easily commissions all devices on the mesh network
  • Unique IPv6 address

Smart Networked Controls System

An Internet of Things wireless mesh network lighting controls system. The 6LoWireless mesh network is a robust communication system used by all Smart devices to communicate commands and data across the building. Each device is in constant communication with other devices in the network thereby eliminating range limitations. This creates a system that is fault-tolerant should one of the devices lose communication and allows for a system that acts cohesively across zones.