Enable controls for vacancy, occupancy, daylight harvesting, temperature and humidity wirelessly with the Smart Sensors.

Sensor 1
Sensor 1 connects with other Smart devices using 6LoWireless protocol. Sensor1 is a stand alone device that does not require a driver or controller to communicate with the 6LoWireless mesh network. Smart provides one of the smallest and most powerful combination motion and light sensors on the market.

Sensor 2
Sensor2 connects to the Smart Smart Driver or the Advanced Load Controller via the included RJ12 leveraging their on-board 6LoWireless communication to transmit occupancy, vacancy, daylight levels, temperature, and humidity. Sensor 2 connects with other Smart devices using 6LoWireless protocol.

The Smart Sensors are available in two configurations:

  • SL-SENSOR 1 and SL-SENSOR 2 – for standard height, ceiling applications up to 12 ft / 5m radially with optimal resolution.
  • SL-SENSOR 1-HB and SL-SENSOR 2-HB – for high bay height ceiling, corner, corridor and wall applications up to ~40ft / 12m radially with optimal resolution.

The SigmaSmart networked controls system is powered by Amatis Controls.

Sensor Placement

How Sensors Work

Normal Hours Occupancy

Daylight Harvesting


  • SigmaSmart Sensors enables controls for motion (occupancy/vacancy), light, temperature and humidity
  • Sensor 2 is used with (tethered to) the SigmaSmart Smart Driver or Advanced Load Controller
  • Sensor 1 includes RJ12 cable for connection to Advanced Load Controller or Smart Driver
  • Sensor 1 device that does not require a driver or controller to communicate
  • Sensor 1 device has built-in IPv6 mesh and wireless antennae to provide robust signal strength and reliable communication
  • Sensor 1 requires two low-voltage power connections
  • Includes blinders to optimize detection region of motion sensor and ambient light sensor
  • Can be installed flush into ceilings or walls, or attached directly to fixtures with an available mounting bracket
  • Remotely configurable / upgradeable
  • Amatis app easily commissions all devices on the mesh network
  • Unique IPv6 address

Smart Networked Controls System

An Internet of Things wireless mesh network lighting controls system. The 6LoWireless mesh network is a robust communication system used by all Smart devices to communicate commands and data across the building. Each device is in constant communication with other devices in the network thereby eliminating range limitations. This creates a system that is fault-tolerant should one of the devices lose communication and allows for a system that acts cohesively across zones.