LED High Bay Installation-3

Parker Reed works with customers in a variety of industries. Our goal is to help businesses find energy-efficient, cost-saving LED lighting solutions. We both offer indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures.  Our range of LEDs can provide safety to outdoor areas and parking garages while offering the correct ambiance for customers in retail and automotive showrooms. Our customer service team will work with you to determine the best lighting solution for your needs.

Common industries we serve include:

  • Manufacturing: Our indoor lighting solutions promote safety at your facility and can often increase quality.
  • Gymnasiums & Indoor Sport Venues: At Parker Reed , we provide LED lighting for school gymnasiums and other indoor sport venues. We have worked with municipalities and school systems to provide lighting for swimming pools, gymnasiums and other indoor LED solutions.  See our Parker Reed ICE 130W case study to learn more about gymnasium lighting solutions.
  • Automotive: Parker Reed provides LED lighting solutions for automotive dealerships. From your service area to the parking lot, we can help provide exterior retrofits and other LED products. Often a lighting upgrade in service areas can decrease errors and increase customer satisfaction!
  • Food Processing: Our IP 66 rated wash-down LEDs are ideal for food processing applications. We understand that hygiene is crucial for food processors, dairies and chicken farms, so we don’t charge a premium for having wash-down capable fixtures.
  • Outdoor: Parker Reed LEDs promote safety for parking lots, retail facades and fast food restaurants. Our lighting solutions ensure that areas with cars and pedestrians are well-lit.
  • Grocery Stores & Other Retail Correct lighting in a retail space can provide a customer-driven experiences while highlighting your products. Parker Reed offerings lighting with a high CRI (Color-rendering index) which can help showcase the colors of produce. Our high-bay fixtures offer a sleek, architectural look without extra cost.

For more information about the industries we serve at Parker Reed , please contact us today!