Unique, attractive, custom signs from Parker Reed use master wood working, metal working, and lighting.

Do you own a business? If so, then you should want to create a distinctive atmosphere for your customers. You want to produce a unique space that drives your customers to tell their friends and family about their experience. To illustrate, a Brandspark/Better Homes and Gardens Survey found that people are more likely to infer that a business is high quality based on the quality of their signage. Let Parker Reed add a quality piece to your atmosphere by creating a custom sign for you. In addition, we can create a vintage look to help you attract more customers.

Custom Metal Cut, Wood backing sign with LED RGB lighting.
Custom Metal Cut, Fatigued Wood Backing Sign with LED RGB Lighting, 7ft. wide.

Parker Reed specializes in creating vintage looking custom signage. According to the same Brandspark/Better Homes and Gardens survey, a large majority of U.S. consumers (77%) prefer a well-preserved vintage sign. If you don’t have a vintage sign, let Parker Reed create a vintage look for you. Using a special type of Steel, called CORTEN, we can apply a process that patina’s the steel. This patina steel looks like a fatigued, vintage steel, but will not rust. We can pair multiple wood types and finishes with CORTEN steel, also patterns, to give your custom vintage sign the foundation for your logo or message. Not in the mood for vintage? Parker Reed also offers plenty of new, polished metal materials. From there, Parker Reed can stand-out your logo or message from any number of metal or wood carved materials. Then, if you want to add additional elements, we can include lighting. Back-lit and front-lit lighting will allow you to control the color and the light intensity that illuminates your sign. Parker Reed Lighting and Manufacturing strives to set you apart from your competitors.