Superior, uniquely designed parking lot LED is what makes our V3-AM fixture the easiest you’ll ever install on a boom.

If you install lighting, then stop me if you’ve heard this one: Holding a parking lot fixture with one arm, using your opposite hand to hold a backing plate inside the pole, AND threading mounting bolts using the same hand that you are holding the fixture with. That’s a recipe for a headache, and also more labor cost. Does this scenario sound familiar? It does to us, as we’ve been on the booms and installed the fixtures like the ones described above. So, what does one do? What we’ve done at Parker Reed Lighting & Manufacturing is to provide you, the contractor, a uniquely designed parking lot LED. Below, I’ll explain why our V3-AM LED is “the easiest fixture you’ll ever install on a boom”.
Parker Reed L&M's V3-AM Parking Lot LED Light Fixture
Picture shows how Contractor Friendly this LED light fixture is to install from Parker Reed Lighting
See how our uniquely designed parking lot LED V3-AM is the easiest parking lot LED that you’ll ever install.

 Time Is Money

It’s obvious that your customers will save money when switching to energy efficient LED. The US Dept. of Energy reports that in 2018, consumers saved $14.7 billion in energy cost by switching to LED. However, the contractor can’t make money if the LED fixtures are a pain to install. We’ve experienced how labor-some it can be to install a poorly designed fixture. Even worse is if you have to put two techs in a lift to install a single fixture. Either way, the extra labor is hitting your bottom line. With that said, we’re providing a fixture that cures this problem.

Why So Easy?

Here are the few steps it will take to install the V3-AM. First step, insert the first mounting bolt through the pole and thread into the backing plate. The key part to the first step is that you DO NOT need to hold onto the fixture mount while you thread through the pole. Second, a key hole design in our fixture mount enables you to hang the mount on the first mounting bolt. With the fixture suspended, you’ll thread the second mounting bolt through the pole. Third, you slide the fixture onto the mount. After that, you’ll easily wire the fixture through an opening in the fixture mount with both of your hands being free. One tech will knock these steps out with ease.

The unique design of the V3-AM LED Light Fixture will not only relieve your frustration,
but also make installing the fixture much quicker = less labor cost = bigger bottom line.