Sports Light

By providing superior high output and high efficiency, PRLM sports light series is the ideal solution for outdoor sports lighting such as municipal, school, and semi-professional outdoor sports lighting. Dynamic thermal management design maximizes heat dissipation and significantly improves the life of luminaires. Built-in surge suppression adds an extra layer of protection to the luminaire driver. Versatile mounting bracket for hassle-free installation.

V3-AM image


Black Top Visor (Default)

Aiming Sight

Integrated Control (Option)

Glare Control Shield (Optional for large size)

Mounting Bracket

Another optional easy installation is provided to apply the fixture on a 2 3/8” tennon with PRLM Yoke adapter.


  • Large size
    • 500W: 56.30 lb
    • 600W: 56.30 lb
    • 650W: 63.47 lb
    • 850W: 63.47 lb
  • Small size
    • 350W: 37.56 lb
    • 505W: 39.26 lb
    • 600W: 40.99 lb
V3-AM Fixture and bracket

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