Clean looking construction and long lasting LED lighting, Parker Reed’s linear high bay will exceed your expectations.

Linear High Bay LED from Parker Reed Lighting & Manufacturing

Our Linear High Bay LED fixtures are a perfect solution for replacing Fluorescent and HID high bays. At a fraction of the energy, you can add brand new, great looking light fixtures to your warehouse or place of business. In addition, you’ll save tons of money by lowering your energy consumption.

Our fixture also has plenty of 1/2″ knockouts to add sensors or other devices, also to daisy chain your fixtures together. Beware of cheap UFO fixtures, as they usually do not have knockouts for electrical connectors, but rather only a 1-3 foot whip (see below). Add in a wire-guard kit, and/or pendant mount kit, and our linear high bay LED fixture will fit any installation. Email or call us at 248-325-8421 with any inquiries.

Why UFO LED’s are a poor installation decision, both initially and in the future.


  • Operational life expectancy greater than 100,000 hours at L70
  • 4000k and 5000k available
  • 0-10vdc dimming drivers
  • Power factor > 0.90
  • Harmonic distortion <20%
  • CRI > 80
  • Chain mounting kit included (v-hooks and 3’ chain), 9’ and 15’ chain is available
  • Optional mounting for pendant mount (for ½” ridged conduit) also available
  • Optional wire-guard kits are available
  • 5 year fixture warranty
  • 4000k and 5000k available

Spec Sheet Download here: PRL-xxxL-2ILHB-GL

These linear high bays work great in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail venues, etc.

Add our Wireless Control Modules to create a Bluetooth mesh network, which we can help you to optimize energy savings and light control

WattageLumensCRIEquiv.Part #Options (wireless control, CCT color)
90w11700>80250w MHPRL-90L-2ILHB-GLSpecify at time of order
110w14300>80250w-400w MHPRL-110L-2ILHB-GLSpecify at time of order
162w21060>80>400w MHPRL-162L-2ILHB-GLSpecify at time of order