• Operational life expectancy greater than 100,000 hours at L70
  • Optional diffuser lenses (clear or frosted) available per customer request
  • 0-10vdc dimming drivers
  • Power factor > 0.90
  • Harmonic distortion <20%
  • CRI > 80
  • Chain mounting kit included (v-hooks and 3’ chain), 9’ and 15’ chain is available
  • Optional mounting for pendant mount (for ½” ridged conduit) also available
  • Optional wire-guard kits are available
  • 5 year fixture warranty
  • 4000k and 5000k available

These linear high bays work great in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail venues, etc.

Add our Wireless Control Modules to create a Bluetooth mesh network, which we can help you to optimize energy savings and light control
Part NumberWattageCRIEquiv.Options (wireless control, lens diffuser, mounting, wireguard, CCT color)
PRL-100L-ILHB-C100w> 80250w MH Specify at time of order
PRL-150L-ILHB-C150w> 80250w-400w MHSpecify at time of order
PRL-200L-ILHB-C200w> 80> 400w MHSpecify at time of order