LED Street Lights


  • Advanced Nichia 757 SMD3030 LED
  • Nichia’s Thermoset
    Composite material: Higher quality chips that will withstand harsh environments
  • Powered with a Mean Well® driver
  • Input voltage: AC100v-300v and constant current design
  • High power factor ( >0.95)
  • Lifespan of >50,000 hours with a five year warranty
  • IP65 rated fixture
  • 30w-150w available at 130 Lm/watt.
  • 2700k through 6500k are available

These LED Street Lights work well for parking lot/street lighting and building lighting.

Part NumberWattageLumensCRIBeam AngleEquivalent
PRL-SL-30L-B30w3900≥80120°70w MH
PRL-SL-40L-B40w5200≥80120°100w-150w MH
PRL-SL-60L-B60w7800≥80120°175w MH
PRL-SL-90L-B90w11700≥80120°250w MH
PRL-SL-120L-B120w15600≥80120°320w-400w MH
PRL-SL-150L-B150w19500≥80120°400w MH+