LED Floodlights


  • BridgeLux COB Chips, 1-4pcs
  • 100w-240w powered with a UL listed Mean Well® driver
  • Input voltage: AC100v-300v and constant current design
  • High power factor (> 0.95)
  • Lifespan of >50,000 hours with a five year warranty
  • IP65 rated fixture
  • Performing at 110 Lm/watt
  • 3000k through 6500k are available

These LED flood lights work well for mounting to a building or to be used as a ground light.

Part NumberWattageLumensCRIBeam AngleEquivalent
PRLM-30L-FL-SD-A30w (internal driver)3300>80120°100w MH
PRLM-50L-FL-SD-A 50w (internal driver)5500>80120°150w MH
PRLM-70L-FL-SD-A 70w (internal driver)7700>80120°175w MH
PRLM-100L-FL-MWD-A100w110000>80120°250w MH
PRLM-120L-FL-MWD-A120w13200>80120°320w - 400w MH
PRLM-160L-FL-MWD-A150w16500>80120°320w - 400w MH
PRLM-180L-FL-MWD-A 180w19800>80120°400w - 600w MH
PRLM-200L-FL-MWD-A200w22000>80120°750w MH
PRLM-240L-FL-MWD-A240w26400>80120°1000w MH