Area Lighting: The V3-AM Selectable Series

V3-AM image

“…designed with the installer in mind…to make installing this LED fixture quick and easy.”

V3-AM LED Light Fixture for Parking Lots from Parker Reed Lighting

3 Wattage, 3 Kelvin Color Selectable

Lower your SKU’s with our main parking lot/street lighting fixture. The V3-AM has 150w, 112w and 75w. Simply set the dip-switches to the desired output. Also, 3000k, 4000k and 5000k Kelvin Color is selectable. This means you will be carrying 9 fixtures in 1. Furthermore, all fixtures come with knuckle arms to allow angular adjustment.

V3-AM field selector switch-dip switch

Designed With The Installer In Mind

The fixture mount has a key hole design that makes installation easier. The design allows you to partially install the mount first, then let it rest while you slide the fixture on (as shown below). Then, thread the second mounting bolt through the mount while the fixture rests.  Other than drilling the holes into the pole, this design makes installing this parking lot LED fixture next to effortless. If you’ve ever been up on a boom installing light fixtures, this design is a major convenience.

V3-AM image bracket keyhole

Light Distribution

Additionally, the V3-AM fixture is stocked with Type 3 light distribution.

150w Type 3

Photometric image 150w type 3

300w Type 3

photometric 300w V3-AM type 3 image 2

WattageLumensCRIIP RatingVoltagePart No.
150w, 112w, 75w20006, 16957, 11355>72IP65120v-277vPRL-10144
480vPRL-10144-HV(480v option)
300w, 225w, 150w40312, 29945, 14973>72IP65120v-277vPRL-10145
480vPRL-10145-HV(480v option)

Contractor Friendly Features

  • 1-10v Dimmable
  • 480v available
  • 50,000 hour lifespan
  • 5 year warranty
  • 3000k 4000k 5000k selectable
  • High Power Factor, >.94
  • Photocell, and Microwave Sensor available
  • Direct mount standard, slip-fit mount, Trunnion mounts available
  • 132 lm/w
V3-AM Fixture and bracket
Contractor Friendly Mounting: this fixture while in a boom lift is a breeze; using it’s key hole mount design, you’ll easily mount the fixture to the pole. Slip-fit mount also available for Bull-Horn mounting.

Email or call 248-325-8421 to order, or click the above button. Remember to reference the part number that you are inquiring about.