Decorative LED: Teardrop Hanging Fixture

Decorative Post Top Lighting: Teardrop Hanging Light Fixture

Our Teardrop Hanging Fixture adds a modern LED feel to a traditional hanging application. These fixtures and hang from a gable/overhang, or from a parking lot/walkway light pole. Multiple lumen output and CCT color will make it easy for you to light up any size area.

Email or call 248-325-8421 to order, or click the above button. Remember to reference the part number that you are inquiring about.

Enter “3K, 4K, or 5K” for CCT color.

CCT color selection chart

Teardrop Hanging Fixture
Part #WattageLumens
PRL-10102-35-xx(CCT color)354200
PRL-10102-45-xx(CCT color)455400
PRL-10102-60-xx(CCT color)607200
PRL-10102-75-xx(CCT color)759000

Teardrop LED Fixture Dimensions