Post Top LED: Darius Decorative Fixture Family

A modern approach to lighting your street and walk ways, our Darius Post Top LED Fixture is made to attract customers to your retail districts. Are you planning an exterior lighting layout for an office building? The Darius will fit excellently into your designs.

Darius Model A Post Top LED Fixture from Parker Reed Lighting & Manufacturing.
Darius Model A Post Top LED Fixture

Darius Post Top LED Features Include:

  • Type 1, 2 and 3 light distributions available
  • 30w, 40w and 70w output available
  • 3000k, 4000k and 5700k available
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
Chart showing the differece between 3000k, 4000k and 5700k CCT.
CCT selection chart.
Darius Model versions A B C D and E from Parker Reed Lighting & Manufacturing

Choose part number based on the model type and that you desire, enter 30w, 40w or 70w for the wattage that you want, then enter 30, 40 or 57 for CCT color, and enter 1, 2 or 3 for light distribution type.

Example: PRL-10113-40w-40-1:

PRL- Darius Model AWattage- 40w CCT- 4000k Light Distribution- Type 1

Part #ModelWattageLumens
PRL-10113-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)A303600
PRL-10113-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)A404800
PRL-10113-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)A707200
PRL-10114-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)B303600
PRL-10114-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)B404800
PRL-10114-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)B707200
PRL-10115-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)C303600
PRL-10115-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)C404800
PRL-10115-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)C707200
PRL-10116-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)D303600
PRL-10116-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)D404800
PRL-10116-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)D707200
PRL-10117-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)E303600
PRL-10117-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)E404800
PRL-10117-xx(watt)-XX(CCT color)-x(light distribution)E707200
Darius light distribution graphs for type 1 2 and 3
Darius light distribution graphs for type 1 2 and 3
Darius fixture dimensions from Parker Reed Lighting & Manufacturing
Darius Fixture Dimensions