Square Straight Steel Poles

Steel Square Straight Pole rendering

Pole Shaft Specifications

The pole shaft is one-piece construction — fabricated from a weldable-grade carbon steel structural tubing with a uniform wall thickness. The pole shaft material shall conform to ASTM A-500 Grade B with a minimum yield strength of 46,000 psi. It has a full-length longitudinal resistance weld and is uniformly square in cross section with flat sides, small corner radii, and excellent torsional properties.

Base Plate Cover

A full base cover is supplied. The base cover is made of automotive structural grade ABS plastic with a UV inhibitor to eliminate color fading. It is rust proof and tamper resistant.

Product Line
Catalog NumberMounting HeightE.P.A. 80E.P.A. 90E.P.A. 100E.P.A. 120Sq. Pole DimensionsWall Thick.Anchor Bolt DiameterBolt CircleSquare Base Plate DimensionsBase Plate Height
PRL-100071025.720.816.811.8411.75 x 208.580.75
PRL-100081220.516.613.49.4411.75 x 208.580.75
PRL-100091416.613.510.97.7411.75 x 208.580.75
PRL-100101515.112.39.87411.75 x 208.580.75
PRL-100111613.6118.96.3411.75 x 208.580.75
PRL-100121811.197.25.1411.75 x 208.580.75
PRL-100132097.35.94.2411.75 x 208.580.75
PRL-100142015.912.510.17.147.75 x 208.580.75
PRL-10015201612.910.47.4511.75 x 2011110.75
PRL-100162026.421.317.212.1571 x 4011111
PRL-10017254. x 208.580.75
PRL-10018259. x 208.580.75
PRL-10019258.56.95.64511.75 x 2011110.75
PRL-100202517.514.211.48.1571 x 4011111
PRL-100212527.522.31812.6671 x 4011.5121
PRL-10022304. x 2011110.75
PRL-100233010. x 4011111
PRL-100243017.914.511.78.3671 x 4011.5121
PRL-10025356.14.942.8571 x 4011111
PRL-100263511. x 4011.5121
PRL-10027397.76.243.5671 x 4011.5121
E.P.A.= Effective Projected Area
Anchor bolts should be set using factory-supplied anchor bolt templates.