Round Tapered Steel Poles

Pole Shaft Specifications

The pole shaft is fabricated from a weldable-grade, hot-rolled commercial quality carbon steel ASTM A-595 Grade A with a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 55,000 psi after fabrication. It is a one- or two-piece* construction with a full-length, longitudinal weld. The pole tapers at a rate of 0.14″ per foot.

Base Plate Cover

A full base plate cover is supplied. For 20-35′ poles, the base cover is automotive structural grade ABS plastic with a UV inhibitor to eliminate color fading. It is rust proof and tamper resistant. For 39-60′ poles, the base cover is made of two-piece formed sheet steel.

Product Line
Catalog NumberMounting HeightE.P.A. 80E.P.A. 90E.P.A. 100E.P.A. 120Pole Bottom Dim.Pole Top Dim.WallAnchor Bolt DiameterBolt CircleBase Plate SquareHeight
PRL-100282012. x 289.5100.75
PRL-100292028.623.218.7136.53.7111 x 4010111
PRL-10030259. x 289.5100.75
PRL-10031252217.814.41073.5111 x 4010111
PRL-10032308. x 4010111
PRL-100333022.117.914.51083.8111 x 4011121
PRL-100343519.315.612.698.53.6111 x 4011.5121
PRL-100353917.914.511.78.293.5111 x 4012.5131
PRL-100363923.318.815.210.7104.5111 x 4013.5141
PRL-100373963.451.341.429126.571.5 x 6016171.5
PRL-100384512.510.18.25.8103.9111 x 4013.5141
PRL-100394540.83326.718.8125.91970-01-01 07:11:001.5 x 6016171.5
PRL-10040509. x 4013.5141
PRL-100415033.427.121.815.3125.21970-01-01 07:11:001.5 x 6016171.5
PRL-100426019.215.512.58.8123.81970-01-01 07:11:001.5 x 6016171.5
EPA ratings include a 1.3 gust factor.
Anchor bolts should be set using factory supplied anchor bolt templates.