Parker Reed American Made.

Light Poles: Square Straight Aluminum

Pole Shaft

The shaft is extruded from all new 6063 alloy aluminum tubing and heat treated to produce a T6 temper.

Anchor Base

Cast from A356 alloy aluminum, the anchor base is heat treated to produce a T6 condition and inserted into the anchor base casting. The two pieces are joined by a continuous circumferential weld at the outside top and inside bottom of the anchor base. The anchor bolts and nuts recess in the base casting, sitting flush, and are covered by four (4) tamper-resistant aluminum nut cover discs.

Square Straight Aluminum Pole

Product Line
Catalog NumberMounting HeightE.P.A. 80E.P.A. 90E.P.A. 100E.P.A. 120Sq. Pole WidthWall Thick.Anchor Bolt DiameterBolt CircleSquare Base Plate DimensionsBase Plate Height
PRL-10123813.810.88.47.340.125.75 x 208.59.12
PRL-101241010. x 208.59.12
PRL-10125128. x 208.59.12
PRL-10126146. x 208.59.12
PRL-10127156. x 208.59.12
PRL-10128168.96.852.140.188.75 x 208.59.12
PRL-10129184.43.12.1N/A40.125.75 x 208.59.12
PRL-101301812. x 2010.510.42.5
PRL-10131206.34.63.2140.188.75 x 208.59.12
PRL-101322010. x 2010.510.42.5
PRL-101332016.412.49.23.860.1881 x 4012122.75
PRL-10134257.35.13.3150.188.75 x 2010.510.42.5
PRL-101352511.68.45.8260.1881 x 4012122.75
PRL-101362516.512. x 4012122.75
PRL-101373085.43.2N/A60.1881 x 4012122.75
PRL-101383012.18.75.8260.251 x 4012122.75
EPA ratings include a 1.3 gust factor.
Anchor bolts should be set using factory-supplied anchor bolt templates.
*Poles 25' and taller are sold with vibration dampeners installed.