With master wood working, metal working and LED lighting, Parker Reed L&M can create any unique sign for retail, restaurant and other places of business. Want a one-off exotic Brazilian hardwood finish? Parker Reed can do that. Want your custom logo displayed with a patina finish? Parker Reed can do that too. Let Parker Reed shine some light on your specialty sign. The example on the left is a RGB LED backlit “BEER” sign with fatigued wood fascia.

  • Any logo or phrase can be created for your unique sign.
  • Custom wood fascias include fatigued wood and exotic hardwood, with stained or unstained finish, also gloss or bare.
  • Brushed finishes available for bare aluminum letters/logos, custom powder coat colors also available.
  • Remote control of RGB LEDs or White LEDs that back-light your custom sign.
  • UL Listed.
  • Made In America.
Parker Reed American Made.