• 12w-200w available at 130 Lm/wattprlm-corn-resized
  • 2200k through 5000k are available
  • Internal driver with built-in fan
  • SMD 2830 LED
  • High power factor ( >0.90)
  • Wide voltage: AC100-277V, 480v, and constant current design.
  • Lifespan of >50,000Hrs with a five year warranty

These LED Corn lights work well as retro-fit options for existing fixtures, which helps reduce the cost of converting to LED.

Part NumberWattageBaseLumensCRIBeam AngleEquivalent
PRL-20L-CN-Me-A 20wMed2953>80360°100w MH
PRL-30L-CN-Me-A 30wMed4332>80360°175w MH
PRL-30L-CN-Mg-A 30wMog4332>80360°175w
PRL-50L-CN-Mg-A 50wMog6543>80360°250w MH
PRL-60L-CN-Mg-A 60wMog8143>80360°250w PS MH
PRL-80L-CN-Mg-A80wMog11092>80360°400w MH
PRL-100L-CN-Mg-A 100wMog13442>80360°400w PS MH
PRL-120L-CN-Mg-A120wMog15317>80360°600w MH