Parker Reed supplies high quality decorative post top fixtures, without the O.M.G. price tag

One of the hardest selections that a specifier has to make is decorative lighting. What makes this type of selection hard is that these types of fixtures can be extremely expensive, often crushing a budget. Also questions about light distribution patterns, dark shields, etc. The Parker Reed team realizes this predicament, so we created packages, i.e. decorative bases, decorative poles, post top bases and fixture heads, that won’t crumble your budget. How does Parker Reed do this? We’ve cut out the middle man. We can supply multiple combinations of packages of decorative post top lighting that fit the aesthetics that you have in mind. Speaking of aesthetics, let’s talk about the effects that improved lighting and fixtures has on commerce.

Decorative Post Top Lighting: Teardrop Hanging Light Fixture
Parker Reed L&M’s Hanging Teardrop LED Light Fixture.

How Can Better Lighting Help Your Area of Commerce?

Downtown areas, or mid-town areas, or anyplace where there is commerce at nighttime, will benefit from improved lighting. The US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration explains in their study regarding “Lighting and Illumination”, “Adequate roadway lighting enhances the safety of all roadway users, while pedestrian-scale lighting improves nighttime security and enhances commercial districts.” One can surmise that this increase in nighttime security will lead to increased purchasers. With that said, if you are selecting fixtures and/or poles for your area of commerce, give us a call. We can help you select the right design, light output, CCT kelvin color (color correlated temperature), light distribution patterns, and more. Plus, we’ll work nicely into your budget. Additionally, we can create custom metal pieces for your fixtures.

Decorative Post Top Fixtures Offered By Parker Reed L&M.

Parker Reed also has the ability to create custom metal artwork pieces for your decorative post top lighting. City names, sub-division names, business names, logos… You name it and we’ll make it, literally. Call us today to discuss ideas, and how we can improve your lighting and it’s application.