Contractor Grade

Install – Current bottom line effect: Contractor grade for us means selling only products that are very simple to install, be it hanging, mounting, slipping, sliding, connecting, etc. Our products MUST limit the labor-time involved to install them more so than any other fixture sales company on the market. Our client/customers MUST be able to rely on us for the quickest install, thus we will improve their bottom line more than any other Manufacturer/Sales company.

Install Support

While the fixture may be the same, not all buildings or applications are the same, which is why we are available to help with the install process. Our company was born on a ladder, and grew up on a boom. Give us a call and we’ll provide technical support for any of your unique applications.

Quality Components

Quality – Future Bottom Line Affect: Relying on the fact that our fixtures will stand the test of time, our components must meet high standards, both performance and quality. Our client/customer MUST have confidence that once the luminaire is installed, that NO resources will be used in the future to warranty the fixture, thus improving the future bottom line.

Summed Up

Knowing that you won’t be investing valuable resources to replace a failing fixture… booms and man power should be used for new fixture installs, not replacing failed fixtures at a previous job.