• 120-277 VAC Input, Standard (347-480 Optional)
  • CRI: Ra>99
  • Standard Warranty: 5 Years
  • Robust Driver
  • Wireless Control & Bluetooth Mesh options
  • 10KA Surge Protection
  • Surface, Pendant & Cable Mounting options
  • Programmable Drive Current
  • Color tuning available for increased production

We’ve mixed in premium red diodes to help increase
growth, especially during the flowering phase!

Contractor Friendly: Mounting this fixture while in a boom lift is a breeze; easily slide the fixture onto the arm once the arm has been mounted to the pole. Slip-fit mount also available for Bull-Horn mounting.

Accessory Options:

  • Wireless interface (Bluetooth Mesh or Point to Point)
  • High Voltage Input Power Supplies (347 VAC, 480 VAC)
  • Pendant Mount
  • Cable Mount or Surface Mount
  • Wire Guard
  • Surge Protector (20 KV)
  • Diffusing Lens (Clear Optional)
WattageCRILengthWidthDepthPart #